About Us

Our Board of Directors assembles American citizens of Romanian descent and Americans of many cultural and professional backgrounds with valuable lifetime experience and expertise in non-profit management, community outreach programs, and cross-cultural dialogue.

We'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to send an email to any of our directors or at contact@arcsproject.org

Board members

  • Otilia Baraboi


    Otilia Baraboi is a writer, translator and higher education professional who immigrated to Seattle from Romania in 2000. She got her Ph.D. in French at the University of Washington, where she currently teaches French language and literature. Before coming to the US, Otilia worked as a literary journalist, published short-fiction and translations, and was actively involved in the cultural life of her hometown, Iasi. For Otilia, ARCS is a long-awaited opportunity to remain connected with the vibrant culture of her birthplace, while advocating the ethnic diversity and artistic vitality of the Northwest. Most of all, she joined ARCS in order to have a direct, positive impact on the ways in which future generations of American Romanians will define, celebrate and pass on their legacy.

  • Ileana Marin


    Prior to her coming to the United States in 2005, Ileana Marin held the faculty position of Associate Professor at Ovidius University of Constanta (equivalent to an American liberal arts college), where she taught a variety of courses in literature and published three books and several articles. In 2004, as a Fulbright scholar, she discovered the Textual Studies Program at the University of Washington, a field that she always wanted to pursue, but which does not exist as such in Romania. She earned her second Ph.D. in Textual Studies and Comparative Literature from the University of Washington in 2011. Recently she has taught interdisciplinary courses for the Honors Program at the University of Washington. She initiated the fund for Romanian Studies, hoping that Romanian language will be taught regularly at the UW. It is her belief that her training in Textual Studies has given her an important understanding of the historicity and materiality of texts from all the arts, a perspective she wants to integrate into her scholarship and teaching and which she hopes to bring to ARCS.

  • Gloria Man


    Gloria Man is a German Language Instructor and Ph.D. Candidate in Germanics at the University of Washington. A native of Timisoara, Gloria grew up bilingual, German-Romanian in a multiethnic family. Her upbringing in a multicultural environment instilled in her a life-long curiosity and respect for different cultures, interests that drive her academic and professional activities. Gloria's professional experience as a translator, interpreter, and foreign language teacher includes working with global corporations such as Continental, Siemens, and Daimler-Chrysler, both in Europe and in the USA. Gloria brings to ARCS a passion for intercultural dialogue, expertise in the field of German speaking cultures, and experience in corporate communications.

  • Alexandra Dorca


    Alexandra Dorca is an anthropologist born in Romania. Before moving to Seattle in late 2013, she lived in Montreal for ten years. Her previous work experience includes teaching and consulting in social anthropology, intercultural communication, and international cooperation—in Canada and various European countries. Alexandra has a strong background in project management for nonprofit associations—a valuable asset to ARCS. At present, she teaches French classes at l’Alliance française de Seattle, with a special focus on contemporary culture and society, lifestyle, media, and cinema. She is helping ARCS with fundraising, project implementation, and event organization.

  • Jim Augerot


    Jim Augerot is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Washington. Although his main work has been with the Slavic Languages, he has been involved in Romanian affairs since his first two-year stay in Cluj-Napoca in 1964-66. He is the author of a Romanian textbook for college students and a joint work (with Dumitru Chitoran and Hortensia Parlog) on the comparison of Romanian and English pronunciation. He has been active in the promotion of the study of Eastern Europe both in the Slavic Department and as Chair/Director of the Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (2009-2012). He looks forward to greater inclusion of Romanian studies at the University and increased involvement of the community in all facets of modern Romania.

  • Dana Cozmei


    Dana Cozmei is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft with many years of experience in complex project management, software development and testing. In her free time, Dana enjoys painting and piloting planes. A native of Romania, Dana will bring to ARCS her firsthand knowledge of the contemporary art scene and living cultures of her birthplace, in addition to offering guidance with project management and coordination.

  • Alexandrina Maicaneanu


    Born and raised in Romania, Alexandrina has a degree from the prestigious HEC in Montreal, and a career in business. She moved to the Northwest from Montreal in 2003, where she taught French at the French American School and worked as a financial adviser at the International School Community. Her free time is dedicated to friends, family, traveling, and cultivating a good life. Art has played an important role in her formative years in Romania (she graduated the Arts High School in Cluj) and throughout her experience living in Montreal, a city with one of the most vibrant artists’ diaspora of Romanian descent in North America. Alexandrina brings to ARCS her action-oriented approach to life in general, and her valuable background in project development, business and community outreach.

Advisory board

  • Daniel Man

    Daniel was born in Timisoara, Romania. He is a software developer with a strong interest in photography and digital media (danielmanphoto.com).
    He is in charge of the current ARCS and our Film Festival (romanianfilmfestseattle.com) web sites, which he built, and he continues managing it.
    Daniel also helps the organization with design and branding, from the ARCS logo to the brochures and fliers as well as acting as the official photographer for a lot of ARCS events.

  • Angela Draghicescu

    Pianist Angela Drăghicescu has quickly established a reputation as a much sought-after collaborative artist and chamber musician. Recent engagements have included performances at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Benaroya Hall, Rudolfinium Prague, George Enescu Philharmonic, Behague Palace, Hindemith Institute, Mahidol Auditorium, as well as many other venues in Europe, the US, and Asia. Currently Collaborative Pianist at University of Puget Sound, Angela Drăghicescu is also one of the official pianists of the prestigious George Enescu International Competition. Her doctoral thesis “Nicolae Bretan: A Guide to Romanian Art Song” is the first textbook for Romanian diction for singers and has become an invaluable source for non-native speakers wishing to perform Romanian Art Song. Through her work with the world-renowned leading artists of the international music scene, Angela hopes to further promote the Romanian musical heritage and continue to reinforce ARCS’s mission to reach the hearts of all music lovers throughout the world.

Board Alumni