Of Snails and Men

Screening by the Alliance Française de Seattle

Tudor Giurgiu's film will be screened on Friday March 17 @7 PM, as part of a series of events celebrating unique Francophone cultures. The movie will have English subtitles.
More info at afseattle.org/francophonie
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Doors open 6:45pm
This event is FREE for AFSeattle Members.
A $5 suggested donation for non-members. Light refreshments served.
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The Romanian / French co-production of “Snails and Men” (“Despre oameni si melci,” 2012) takes us back to exciting times of transition in the early ‘90’s, when Romania was opening up to Western entrepreneurial values, after decades of political and economical isolation. This bittersweet comedy tells the real-life story of a car factory that is about to close down because of the secret schemes of the local villain (actor Dorel Vișan) and two, equally unscrupulous, French investors (father-and- son performers Jean-François and Robinson Stévenin).  The main protagonist, the Union leader Gică (beautifully played by actor Andi Vasluianu), finds a creative, hilarious and quite scandalous, way to raise quick money, counting on a never-before- exploited natural resource. Ironically echoed by video footages of Michael Jackson’s visit to Bucharest in 1992, Gică’s quixotic business plan falls into pieces, leaving no room for the American dream and shaking the foundations of his most sacred belief. True to the movie’s lighthearted take on life’s crushing injustices though, the closing scene shows Gică, together with his co-workers, foraging the hilly countryside, in search for snails. In the end, Romania does have an alternative form of capital to offer to the world, even if it can only satisfy France’s gastronomical peculiarity or simply remind us of priceless, down-to- earth human values, such as camaraderie, resilience and hope. Join us for an uplifting viewer’s experience under Tudor Giurgiu’s signature, one of the most representative figures of the “New Romanian Cinema”, founder of the Transylvania Film Festival, director and producer of many music videos, documentaries, shorts and feature films. Tudor Giurgiu came to the Romanian Film Festival in Seattle as a guest speaker in 2016, together with Oana Giurgiu who produced many of his films.

Many thanks to our friends @ The Alliance and to Tudor and Oana Giurgiu for their support in creating this event!!