Româna La Liceu - Romanian in High School

Staying true to our mission of preserving our cultural identity, ARCS initiated a joint project with RO-WA (the Romanian American Society of Washington State). This program allows our children to receive high school credits for their heritage language, as part of Washington State’s World Languages program.

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Info Session & Pre-Registration 2017

2017/2018 Class Information

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Our presentation session on the UW campus on Feb 27, 2016

Course Info Fall-Winter 2016-17

Classes start in September 2016 on the University of Washington campus. Three of our board members with UW teaching credentials (Ileana Marin, Gloria Man, and Otilia Baraboi) are in the process of designing a curriculum that will offer students the possibility to value their bilingualism and dual cultural citizenship.

We currently have 42 registered students for fall 2016.
Registration is now closed for fall/winter 2016-17.
Please contact us if you are interested in registering for Spring 2017.

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